A clean summer - thank you all for helping!


THANK YOU all dear guests for helping us clean our beautiful area of Iceland whilst you joined us for an ecofriendly tour this summer.

We here at Go West see ourselves as wardens and guardians of the area of Iceland in which we operate. Officially we help clean the strand of coastline under Arnarstapi and into Snæfellsjökull National park. Unofficially we clean and protect wherever we hike or bike, whether it be down on the coast or right on top of the mighty Snæfellsjökull Glacier Summit. We work closely together with the Outstanding Snæfellsjökull Park Rangers in an effort to maintain the beauty of the area in which we operate.

Luckily for us Icelanders, we don´t have to do this alone. On our summer tours, when a lot of the snow has melted, trash is exposed and seeing this our guests spring into action alongside us. On a tour we help to educate our guests on the importance of ecotourism, sustainable ideals and protecting nature. Taking these messages to heart, ON THEIR HOLIDAYS, our guests choose to fill their arms with any trash they might find and help us keep Snæfellsnes pristine. It is all of this kind effort, however small the impact may feel at the time, that helps to protect Iceland and the rest of our world.

Again, thank you guests from all over the world, for helping us keep our small island nation beautiful.