“Jon and Orsi ensured that our group of 13 students were safe and secure, but also had an incredible time, due to their high level of personalization and care. They gave excellent information about the area and its stories, motivated the group to make the summit and ensured lots of fun along the way as well.”

School Groups

We Icelanders call Snæfellsnes "Iceland in a Nutshell" because it contains all of the major attractions Iceland has to offer in only 90km of peninsula. It is therefore the perfect location for school groups to set up base and experience the wonders of geology, wildlife and educational inspiration without spending the time/money to travel from one side of Iceland to the other. We are currently working towards promoting Snæfellsnes as a destination for School/University groups to spend their entire Icelandic excursion. This is in an effort to take the pressure off the most popular tourist spots and to promote responsible and sustainable travel in Iceland. Over-tourism is becoming a real problem and the damages to the environment have become very obvious this year (some major tourist sites are actually closed this spring in an effort to allow them to recover). Instead of groups choosing not to come to Iceland( HERE ), we want to help responsibly manage tourism to protect our landscape for visitors, ourselves and the future generations to come. Just like Snæfellsnes, our guides are "all guides in a nutshell", with every skill possible to provide an incredible trip for your students. We have limitless suggestions and contacts to help your school group to create an incredible and sustainable excursion.


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