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When you book a tour with us, a percentage of that money is always donated to Icelandic Reforestation.

The ideology

The ideology behind KOLVIÐUR is based on carbon sequestration from the atmosphere through reforestation and tree carbon (C) and solved oxygen (O2) into the atmosphere.

The aim

Kolviður's goal is increased carbon sequestration in forest ecosystems in order to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, to bind the soil and reduce soil erosion, increase public awareness and corporate greenhouse gas emissions, and promote education on related issues.

The aim of the project is therefore multifaceted, while carbon sequestration occurs, occurs sequestration and soil enrichment plant ecosystems.

By enabling the parties to take responsibility for their own emissions and respond with tangible results achieved. Kolviður will thus encourage Iceland to become the first nation in the world to offset their transportation carbon emission with forestry and land reclamation.