Whilst having fun, we actively participate in protecting the natural and cultural heritage of our area. - Jón Joel (GoWest Owner)

Welcome to Go West Iceland

THANK YOU so much for considering an Eco-tourism company here in Iceland. Despite being a smaller personal family run company and therefore such a small drop in the Icelandic Tourism market, we are placed at the very top of sustainable tourism here in Iceland. No other company puts as much effort into providing sustainable tours here in Iceland and we are serious about protecting our island for the future generations to enjoy. 

We know you will really enjoy taking part in the growing movement that is ecotourism and help to shape the future of travel.

GoWest´s motto is BALANCE and is expressed in our efforts to:

  • Travel without compromising nature, local culture, environment or safety.

  • Organize our tours in close cooperation with those we visit.

  • Highlight local history and cultural heritage.

  • Neutralize our carbon emissions.

  • Stimulate a fertile interaction between guests and hosts.

Ecotourism is enriching nature and cultural experiences, facilitated by responsible tourism buisinesses to care for their people, the environment and the communities they are part of.
— The International Eco-tourism Society
The earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.
— Mahatma Gandhi
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